Friday, 6 March, 2009

I'm famous!

Dudes and dudettes.

Or just Nikki (I think she's the only one who reads my blog now-a-days..can't really blame anyone though!)

I'm famous. Can't deny it. My persona is just so..magnanimous! Here's a list of stuff I have been in:

1. Mumbai Mirror - wrote an article

2. Mid Day - wrote an article + photographs published + featured in "Your Say"

3. JAM Magazine- won a contest

4. DNA - featured in "Speak Up"

5. Bindaas tv - was on the tube telling people what colour should Sanjay Leela Bhansali's next film be (I said brown, cause his films are the SHIT)

6. MTV - these fuckers did a sting operation on me eating a cookie. It was a show on weight loss. Mother fuckers. I should sue.

7. Channel [V] - came in "IQ". Was asked what do camels store in their hump? I said fat. (I see a pattern emerging here....)

The above list is legit and completely true. So fans, next time you see me, do ask for an autograph! I charge only $20000 per pen stroke!

Muah. Muah! (Air kisses!)

P.S. I have the right to be conceited. Come on! I'm famous!!!


out reach said...

m not sure about any other point to be famous, but sounds 6th one to be true.

iggy said...



Yes you are! and I'm also famous coz I'm a famous person's friend. That makes me a famous friend of a famous person! Yay! :D

iggy said...

yahoo! :)

Himanshu said...

and it is not true tht only Nikki reads ur blog...I manage to lose my way in the virtual world at times too! ;)

Nice one lady...way to go!!!

And nice to know that atleast some people know that camel stores fat in the hump and not

Nikki said...

Woohooo... I always knew you had it in you! And boo to MTV! love ya...

iggy said...

@ Himanshu:

You only stumbled on this blog cause Nikki told you to!!!

Otherwise, thanks ;)

@ Nikki:

:D :D :D

Love you too, my beautiful wifey! muaaaaaaaaaah