Thursday, 26 March, 2009

Those were the days...

I really hated school. I hated my teachers, I hated the bullies who tortured me, I hated everyone else. I had no friends, and I was extremely lonely. There was just one thing I used to look forward to in school - vacations.

I think the 90s were really the golden age for children. There was no PS2, very little TV shows for kids, and not everyone could afford a computer. The only source of entertainment was playing games with your friends. And we did just that.

As soon as vacations arrived, our cricket bats, badminton racquets, footballs, board games were out. From morning till late evening we would play games. And our group was also an amazing one. My sister and I were the only girls among 4-5 boys. And I was ALWAYS the leader (since I was the eldest!) And of course, my barmy army always listened to me too!

Sis and I have the loudest laughs. We would play such nonsensical games, and we would laugh everyday..our laughter echoing throughout the building. We fantasized ourselves to be superheroes. Here were some of them:
1. Power Rangers: I was the pink one
2. Centurions: I was the green one
3. Final Fantasy Seven: I was the main hero (Cloud)

We shot movies with our ancient cam-corder. I shot a hilarious movie about a group of heroes defeating the villain "Phata Dahi" (Spoilt yogurt). We spent almost everyday in each other's house, playing games on our now-fossilised gaming consoles (ahh..the cartridge era!). We exchanged books, read and discussed them. We did everything a normal kid in the 90s did.

But then things change. Everyone moved away. All of us grew up. Superheros forgotten. Cam-corder stored. From our original group, there is only one other person who stays in the building, and we meet only thrice a year (on our respective birthdays).

I don't have any qualms, cause life is, afterall, about change! But those memories of the amazing time we spent during vacations is something I will never forget. Cheers to that :)


Nikki said...

I totally agree. Everything has changed. But at least we have good memories to look back at and enjoy...!

Ms.Me said...

Absolutely :)

rash said...

mmmmm this reminds me of my childhood and yes joshi i too was always the leader.....i miss those bunch of nuts.....miss u dear childhood

Ms.Me said...