Thursday, 2 April, 2009

Still more random things!

I'm bored. Bite me!

Pwease don't bite me! I'm only a widdle puppy! :(

Still more 25 random things about me!

1. I am a make-up hoarder. Every month, I spend big bucks on buying make-up, but I never end up using them!
2. My office desk is decorated (messed up!) with the following things: A Manchester United/Smirnoff poster, a photograph of a cat I had taken in Karvar, a tiny Amir Khan photo (don't ask why!), a candy cane and a snowman leftover from Christmas decoration, an email one of my professors sent me, a small religious paraphernalia, a soft toy (dog!), a tiny turtle (which was a keychain, but broke), Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, and a Dove calender. I hoard.
3. I suck at giving interviews. I freeze, I smile like a moron, and speak in monosyllables.
4. I'm jealous of two of my friends.
5. I hate that I give off an aura of immaturity. I can be very serious and mature when I want to be.
6. I want to try the Spiderman kiss.
7. I hate paneer (cottage cheese) It's the yuckiest thing ever!
8. I have tried to give up meat (basically chicken) three times in my life. And obviously, haven't been successful!
9. I hate, abhor kids. I can only tolerate new borns.
10. Taking it forward from point no. 9, I find it absolutely ridiculous that people keep random baby pictures in their photo albums on social networking sites. One word - paedophilia!
11. I love stationary!
12. I'm going to get a tattoo this year.
13. I feel alone in a crowd. I do better with a small group.
14. I love being the center of attention.
15. I am not a leader, but a follower.
16. The first thing that attracts me towards a guy are his teeth.
17. My foot is perpetually in my mouth, since I speak before I think.
18. I think John Abraham is the hottest guy ever. Damn those abs! -drools-
19. We had gone as an audience member to the shoot for "Kya Aap Panchvi Paas Se Tez Hain". When SRK arrived, I screamed "Take off your shirt!". Unfortunately, he didn't hear me :(
20. I often dream of a white plastic bag floating around my head, and I am trying to catch it. I still haven't caught it, not even once.
21. I love reality tv, but don't like the musical ones. Those suck.
22. I want to have an openly gay friend.
23. The only film I have seen more than once in a theatre is Lord of The Rings. I saw it five times!
24. I believe that there is life beyond our galaxy. Perhaps in some milkyway, some being is writing the same thing in their blog!
25. Ever since I have eaten it, I crave for crackling spinach all the time! delicious!!!!!

There. I'm done!


Nikki said...

Aha... who are those two friends? And I love SRk. I totally enjoyed the paanchvi paass..I remeber you screaming Animal Kingdom! Hehehehe....

Ms.Me said...

lol yeah! that was fun!!!!

and im never telling the two friends thing!

Dream3er said...

haah! .. nice list ... 6,11,13,14,21,22,24 is ditto here! :P

rash said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........i love u joshi....muaaaahhhhh

Ms.Me said...

@ Dream3er:

cool! :D

@ rash:

love you too! :)

Srividya said...

that was awesome gal..u r totally an entertainer in the true meaning of the term....

Ms.Me said...

Haha..thanks :)