Friday, 24 April, 2009

Copy Cat

Spot the difference:



Which one makes more sense?

Karan, please, originality!


Nikki said...

Well...what can we say! We are in deep shit!

harsh said...

You know what!
Even though the advertisment is ripped off..I think its ok..I mean..agreed its a scene by scene lift off but it does bring the point across and I think it will be easy to relate to..

And on a different note...Why the hell does Kareena Kapoor appear so happy!! I mean it looks like a soap commercial given her expressions :P

Iggy said...

@ Nikki: So friggin true

@ harsh: I don't think it's ok that it's ripped off! C'mon, it's such a pathetic attempt..In Karan's version, everything changes so abruptly, and everyone sounds so condescending! The 5 friends version is funny, and it really puts the point across effectively...Karan's taken the preachy part, which doesn't really makes a difference!

And as for Kareena, she is India's Paris Hilton.