Saturday, 18 April, 2009


I'm absolutely fond of cooking. It's my favorite hobby, I love experimenting, and I do believe I'm a good cook! I like reading recipes, trying them out, and putting my own spin on things...

Unfortunately, I am a DISASTER when it comes to baking. I can't bake a cake to save my life! And this post is about one such unfortunate baking disaster.

I read a recipe for Milk Cake, and it sounded, and looked, delicious. It looked pretty simple to make, so I decided I'll try it.

The recipe called for a tin of condensed milk, flour, baking soda, sugar, and six eggs. I mixed everything well, pre-heated the oven, set the baking mold, and I got to baking. The recipe said it should take about 20 minutes to make, so I set the timer accordingly.

Well, five minutes later, I could smell something from the kitchen. So my nose led me there, and I peered into the oven. What I saw next was sort of amazing. The "cake" had risen out of the tray, almost like a souffle, and there was a thick smell of eggs around. For safety measures, I even inserted a toothpick, which came out clean. This is an indication that the "cake" was done.

So I took it out of the oven, and set it to cool. The smell of eggs was too overpowering, so I was sort of prepared for a nasty creation. I took a small piece and popped it into my mouth. And let me tell you, it was disgusting! I wasn't eating "cake"...I was eating eggs! YUCK! It was so disgusting, I spit it out.

No one touched the experiment, and it was lying in the casserole for about a week till mould took over. It was completely green by the time mum threw it out. Good riddance, I say! You may also like to know that I haven't baked since that day..

I suppose it's the six eggs that ruined it. So come to think of it, the disaster wasn't really my was the recipe's! Oh well!


Nikki said...

Lolz. When was this? Funny but then all your hard work was wasted!

You should try a reliable baking recipe the next time!

Iggy said...

This was last month, I think..and yes..more reliable recipes, for sure!! :D