Thursday, 9 April, 2009

Hear ye! Hear ye!

This message goes out to all the mama's boys throughout the globe.

Do us ladies a favor, and please, for the love of God, and your not, I repeat, NOT fall in love, or get into a relationship.

I love you, but I love mommy more!

Here are six valid reasons why you shouldn't fall in love:

1. Your mom hates us, no matter how nice we are.
2. She wants you to marry a girl of her choice.
3. She would prefer you to be single forever.
4. If you don't do well in your studies, or are lagging in your career, she will blame us.
5. She believes we love you for your "wealth".
6. If you had to choose, you will obviously pick your mamas over us.

So once again, don't go against your mama's wishes, and please remain single forever. You're wasting your time, our time, and God knows what else. Wait till you're 30 and your mom marries you off to some soni kudi (whom she will hate too, cause eventually she took her son away from her).

I'm done.

Bring on the bad boys!


Dream3er said...

Hahahha!!!... so true!!!

Iggy said...


I'm sure lotta women are going to agree with me!

rash said...

@iggy- oh my dear iggy oh iggy........i laughed my lungs out man.......thx for this roaring laughter and also a good exercise for my lungs too .....indeed........m still smiling!!!


totally agree! :(