Tuesday, 14 April, 2009

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand - A Review

(Disclaimer: The views expressed below are mine, and mine alone. I am not very well versed with lots of genre of music. So if you find anything wrong below, please don't feel offended.)

I have always liked Franz Ferdinand. Their first two albums have been really good, so I did not think this would be any different! So I sat back, pumped up the volume, and enjoyed 42:43 minutes of really good music!

The album opens with the mind-blowing 'Ulysses'. The opening is so good, it just immediately hooks you in, and doesn't let go till the very last song! 'Turn It On' follows next, which is pretty good too. Listen to 'Katherine Kiss Me' and 'No You Girls' one after the another..they are two versions of the same song, though I liked 'Katherine Kiss Me' more! 'Lucid Dreams' reminded me a lot of 'Strawberry Fields Forever' by The Beatles (the best band ever, by the way!). The song is around eight minutes long, with the last two minutes pure beats, no words. If you're into it, you'll listen, though I skipped that part! ;)

Stylistically, I can compare them to The Killers, and in some ways, The Bealtes of the late 60s. It really takes a lot for a person like me to appreciate such music, but Franz Ferdinand didn't make much of an effort!

Rewind: Ulysses, Katherine Kiss Me, Twilight Omens
Skip: Lucid Dreams

Final Verdict: 3.5/5. Will definitely go back to this one!

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Nikki said...

I like...Will try and get these songs!