Thursday, 27 August, 2009

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful!

Hello peeps,

Here I am once again with a little rant of sorts. And I hope you pay good attention to what I am about to say.

Don't hate someone because they are different from you. I always believe in one thing - we are all creations of God, and SHE would not create someone substandard. Everyone that comes into this world is beautiful - from reed thin to morbidly obese. We are all beautiful.

However, somehow, certain rules and norms sprang up and beauty suddenly became defined. Who defines what 'normal' is? Who decides what is 'beauty'? Not me, not you, not anyone! The only person who knows beauty is you, and it is only limited to yourself. You need to look in the mirror everyday and say to yourself 'Dang girl! You're hot!' That's what I do everyday!

I have been ostracized about my weight since I can remember. It bothered me first. I used to hate myself, I never looked at myself for more than 1 second. But then, I don't know why, I just got a feeling, if I don't love myself, who will? Since then, I am literally OBSESSED with myself. You should ask the peeps on facebook. There are about 890 photos of me on there, and trust me, I ain't stopping at that!

The same also applies at the other end of the spectrum. For all the people who are really thin. Now I am sure they don't want to be so thin, but still they are commented on. It's not their fault peeps, leave them alone!

So to all you haters, please stop hating. If someone is different from you, it doesn't make them ugly. It only makes them beautiful.

Peace out, yo!

Tuesday, 25 August, 2009

So Lickable! Plus an award!


When life gives you lemons, what do you do? Make lemonade, of course!

But what do you do when life gives you fears, tensions, anxieties, age? You do what I do.

Just shut down completely, and go back to those days when fears, tensions, anxieties were limited to only 'how will I score in tomorrow's paper?' and aging meant waiting to turn sweet sixteen.

I had a very amazing childhood. Growing up in the late 80s and 90s was a great gift, I think. Children born in this era will never experience what we had then. We lived a day at a time, with no plans, no worries. Everything was so damn good.

I was just thinking back to those days this morning, when an incident popped up in my mind. I thought I should share, because I know there are people in this world who have this exact same habit as I did (and sometimes still do!)

You see, when I was younger, I had the (bad?) habit of licking up my plate after I finished eating my food. And this was more prominent when I was given a delicious bowl of ice cream. I would not leave a single sliver of the delicious cream behind, licking it all up! My mom used to get very irritated, but needless to say it did not stop me!

One day, my dad's colleague has invited us to dinner. So we were all dressed up and we went over to their place. Had a lovely dinner of chicken biryani and other such goodies. And the hostess then gave us ginormous bowls of vanilla ice cream. I am not much of a vanilla fan, but whatever! It's ice cream!

So I dug in. Now the thing is, when I am eating food, especially really delicious ones, I get transported to another world. The current world does not exist for me. I simply drift off, a yogi like expression on my face. I enjoy every morsel, every time the food particle tickles my tongue. Happiness is truly a good bite to eat. And that is exactly what I was doing when I ate that vanilla ice cream.

Suddenly, I felt someone poking me from the side. I woke up from my trance, and saw my mom with an angered expression on her face. I raised an eyebrow and looked around the table. Everyone had a deadpan expression on their faces. 'What's their problem?' I wondered. Then I looked down and realized what I was doing.

My hand was cupping the bowl, and my tongue was swirling around it. I was licking the bowl! Oops. My face turned into an unknown shade of red as I placed the bowl back on the table. 'Excuse me,' I mumbled and ran to the restroom. I could hear roaring laughter behind me.

Needless to say, I gave up my licking habits, though my tongue still finds the bowl occasionally :)


In other news, I have received my very first award, courtesy Kaddu (miss_terious) Thank you so much :) It really means a lot to me! I further pass this award to Meghana and umangexuberance. Cheers!

There's also an ABC tag to do along with this, which I will do in my next post :)

Monday, 24 August, 2009

All the Attached Ladies!

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it!

Dear attached ladies,

I have been meaning to talk to you for a while. Yes you, right there. The one with a doting boyfriend, a cute crush, a lifelong partner. I really need to talk to you. Especially the ones who are my friends.

Please, please, for the love of humanity, spare me the details of how amazingly awesome it is being in a relationship. Don't tell me about how your respective other (henceforth known as 'he') keeps you up at night sending you lovey-dovey messages. Don't tell me about how he writes you love songs. Don't tell me about how he likes to cuddle you post-romp. Don't tell me about your first kiss, the first time he held your hand, the first time he told you he loves you. Don't make me your alibi if you're going out of town just to meet him. Don't tell me about how you fall asleep on the phone at night, and he's still on the line listening to you breathe. Don't tell me about how he sends you flowers everyday. Don't tell me about how he tells you he misses you everytime you talk. Don't tell me about how he is going to fly down from another country just to meet you. Don't tell me about your fights and how you much you hate him, when the next moment you're going to go right back to him again. Don't tell me about your uncertainties and doubts. Don't tell me about in spite of everything, you really, truly love him.

Because it just makes me realize how lonely I am.

Single Lady.

Saturday, 22 August, 2009


Have been tagged by Ire. Danke! :)

I further tag Himanshu D, Meghana, zephyr

What time did you get up this morning?

08:00 AM. Cannot sleep beyond that.

2. How do you like your steak?

Living and munching on grass and not in my stomach. Bleargh!

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?


4. What is your favorite TV show?

How I Met Your Mother

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

No place like Bombay

6. What did you have for breakfast?

Bread rolls - bread stuffed with mashed potato and deep fried. Mmm...Nothing spells good food like deep fried! :D

7. What is your favourite cuisine?

Italian, American

8. What foods do you dislike?

Certain vegetables like tinda, parwal, karela..and the likes!

9. Favourite Place to Eat?

Little Italy, 5 Spice, Dynasty, The Pizzeria and home, where mommy serves the best food!

11. What kind of vehicle do you drive?

Haven't driven in about three years now

12. What are your favourite clothes?

Jeans. My second skin!

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?

Spain, South Africa

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?

Why should it be half? It should be full :)

15. Where would you want to retire?

Nainital if I am healthy, Bombay if I'm not!

16. Favorite time of day?

Early morning

17. Where were you born?

New Delhi

18. What is your favorite sport to watch?

I hate sports

19. Who do you think will not tag you back?


20. Person you expect to tag you back first?


21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this?


22. Bird watcher?

I love crows and sparrows and kites!

23. Are you a morning person or a night person?


24. Do you have any pets?

I wish! :( I am yearning for a dog.

25. Any new and exciting news you’d like to share?

Some awesome prospects coming ahead in my life! Whee!

26. What did you want to be when you were little?

A doctor. I was prepared to splice a cockroach. BLEARGH!

27. What is your best childhood memory?

Playing atrocious games with friends, laughing our heads off, studying (or trying to!) for upcoming exams, watching cartoons while sipping on hot bournvita...sigh...

28. Are you a cat or dog person?

Dogs! Always

29. Are you married?

Nope, and never will be

30. Always wear your seat belt?


31. Been in a car accident?

Plenty. But since I'm a woman driver, I am forgiven and not beaten to death

32. Any pet peeves?

Where do I begin!!!

33. Favourite Pizza Toppings?

Barbecue chicken and mushrooms

34. Favourite Flower?

The ones JMudoh gave me when we first met. I don't know what they're called but they're really pretty!

35. Favourite ice cream?

Chocolate and black grapes

36. Favourite fast food restaurant?

McDonalds, Joeys..

37. How many times did you fail your driver’s test?


38. From whom did you get your last email?

Sneha S

39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

MAC Cosmetics!

40. Do anything spontaneous lately?

Nothing yet, but soon!

41. Happy with your job?

At least I have a job!

42. Broccoli?

is love

43. What was your favorite vacation?

SCM tour to Dandeli

44. Last person you went out to dinner with?

At Manju's place for an excellent South Indian spread

45. What are you listening to right now?


46. What is your favorite color?


47. How many tattoos do you have?

Will have one next year

48. How many are you tagging for this quiz?


49. In What time did you finish this quiz?

10 minutes

50. Coffee Drinker?


Monday, 17 August, 2009


Facebook. Excellent for a few good laughs. I'm sorry if you don't understand Marathi (I don't either!) Basically, this gentleman wanted to be my frand. Click on the image above to see what happened. And yes, that's the baby me :)

Get over it!

Swine flu - the latest 'pandemic' hitting the world. It's the next worst thing since the Spanish influenza that had killed millions in 1918.

Swine flu's latest victim - Bombay.

Are we in panic? Hell yeah.

Should we panic? Hell no.

Every other news channel you flip through, you'll see the Arnabs and the Rajdeeps hollering 'Swine flu! Swine flu! Oink Oink!' If you are ready to buy into the hype they are causing, then you better be walking around wearing condoms - AIDS kills more people all over the world than what Swine flu has.

People are walking around wearing masks like Doomsday has come over us. But once they are eating or talking, they take it down and put it on again. That makes you twice more vulnerable to getting infected than walking around maskless.

I must admit, I had initially bought into the hype. My sister came home one day with a cough and a sneeze, and I ran around the house tearing out my hair thinking it was swine flu. I practically begged her to go to Kasturba and get checked for an infection. Luckily she didn't go, and I too got rid of my paranoia.

With the wise words of Douglas Adams in 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', I conclude :

Don't panic.

Sunday, 9 August, 2009

GM Diet - I Slipped

It had to happen people - I slipped. Today was the sixth day of GM diet, and I broke it.

I don't know, but I just could not take it anymore. Today was going to be rice for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, and just the thought put me off. I could not do it. Instead I opted for regular home-made food. Had roti after a week.

Should I feel bad or guilty though? I don't know. I know what you're thinkin..I just had one more day to go! I could have finished the damn thing. But I just couldn't do it. But I came this far...and I applaud myself.

Also, I have lost 6kgs. clothes are loser..and you have no idea how happy that makes me. I am planning to do this once every month, and try to stick to the whole seven days.

Would like to thank you all for being so supportive, even though I could not complete this. I will try again next month.

Thanks for reading, and supporting :) See you shortly with my regular, nutty posts :)

Saturday, 8 August, 2009

GM Diet - Day 5

Today is tomato and rice day. I'm supposed to eat two tomatoes, and a cup of rice today. Rice. I almost forgot what it tastes like. Let's see how today goes.

8:00 am: Woke up
9:30 am: Ate two really cold tomatoes.
11:00 am: Ate another tomato.
1:00 pm: Ate some brown rice with tears in my eyes. Rice. Glorious rice! Along with a tomato.
5:00 pm: Ate two tomatoes.
9:00 pm: Ate some more brown rice.

Delicious! And now only two more days to go! Wohoo!

Friday, 7 August, 2009

GM Diet - Day 4

We're rolling to the fourth day peeps. Three more days to go! I'm gonna do this!!! Unfortunately today happens to be banana and milk day. DAYUM!!! I don't know how I will take it. Let's hope this goes better than I think it will!

7:00 am: Woke up, as usual feeling full.
7:45 am: Had (read closed my nose and gulped) half a glass of sugarless skimmed milk with one banana.
9:45 am: Had another banana.
1:00 pm: Gulped down a glass of sugarless skimmed milk, which I almost puked, along with three bananas.
1:36 pm: Chewing on gum. I'm sorry I slipped, but I can't help it! The bananas and milk are making my mouth dry and scratchy. I had to change the taste!!!!
4:30 pm: One more banana. Lips dry as hell for some reason.
7:00 pm: Banana time!
9:15 pm: Last banana of the day

That did it. Wow. It was not as hard as I had expected! Wohoo! Tomorrow is going to be a good day...cause I get to eat rice!! YAY!!! -tears of joy-

See you on the other side!

Thursday, 6 August, 2009

GM Diet - Day 3

Forward March! It's Day 3 of GM diet. And yes, I have some good news!! I have lost 2 kgs! (That's 4 lbs, I think!) Wow, I am happy, and even more motivated to continue in this quest!

Though there are some weird things happening to my appetite. On the first day, I was really craving carbohydrates, but today I have come to a point where I have almost forgotten what bread tastes like! I have this constant feeling of fullness, but I am also craving something. I just can't understand what, though. Anyway, today is fruits and veg day. Let's see how it goes!

7:00 am: Woke up with a nauseating sensation. Felt awfully full and like I was going to throw up.
8:00 am: Ate an apple halfheartedly.
9:30 am: Ate half a bowl of papaya. Felt extremely nauseous, so could not finish the rest.
1:00 pm: Ate another 100kgs of salad. Couldn't finish the whole thing, once again. Was too nauseous.
3:30 pm: Craving for toast and butter. Finally! I know what my body craves!
4:00 pm: Two sweet limes. Gag reflexes back.
7:30 pm: Palak and tomato soup. Bleargh.
9:00 pm: Bottle Gourd again. YUCK

Today was truly a challenge. OMG. I can't look at another carrot for as long as I am alive.

If today was bad, tomorrow is like Mount Everest for me. Banana and milk. But I'm going to be like Edmund Hillary and climb that shit!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 5 August, 2009

GM Diet - Day 2

Yesterday was really really hard! I really thought I would not be able to last the day, let alone the week. But I pushed through, and I survived! Today is all veggie day, and I think this should be better (I hope I don't regret saying this by the end of the day! hehe)

7:00 am: Woke up feeling full, strangely!
7:45 am: Ate a baked potato. Relished it, in fact!
9:40 am: Ate raw cabbage. Hated the after taste, but feeling quite full.
1:00 pm: Munched on at least 100kgs of salad. Ate some beetroot, and looked like a vampire.
2:32 pm: Feels like I'm gonna puke.
4:00 pm: Had a tomato and some more salad. Can't eat anything more now or I'll explode!
7:00 pm: Drank some pretty unappetizing looking Spinach-Tomato soup. But it didn't taste so bad.
9:00 pm: Ate a bowl of bottle gourd. BLEARGH!

And that was my food intake for the day. I felt kind of light through the day, but also extremely sleepy. I think that's a good thing, cause I can sleep now to get my mind of food :)

You know, I think I'm gonna last :) 2 days down, 5 more to go!

Tuesday, 4 August, 2009

GM Diet - Day 1

Hello peeps! It's time I did some changes in my life, given my back problem and stuff. But anyway, I don't want to bore you with that.

So let's talk about GM diet. Does anyone know about it? Well, I did some research, and found out that GM actually stands for General Motors! This diet was designed for employees of GM to help them have a healthier lifestyle. It balances out the chemicals in your body, and so help you reduce weight. My colleague tried this diet and lost 4 kgs in one week! :O The best part of the diet is that you don't have to starve yourself. You can eat as much as you want to, but only what is prescribed for the day.

So here I am, trying the GM diet. It's a one week diet, and I thought it would be nice to chronicle this 'epic' event. Today is all fruit day. I am averse to too much sweet, so this is going to be a challenge! Wish me luck, and here we go! :)

7:00 am: Woke up
7:45 am: Munched on an apple. Craving for an omelet and toast.
9:40 am: Ate an entire papaya. Craving for roti.
1:00 pm: Ate some watermelon. Feeling numb and light-headed.
3:55 pm: OMG! I really need carbohydrates!!!
4:30 pm: Ate some sweet limes like a rabid dog. Licked some salt and thanked The Almighty for creating it. Feeling a little better.
6:00 pm: Had some coconut water. Enjoyed the taste!
6:30 pm: Saw a Pizza special episode on Food Paradise. Almost died.
7:00 pm: Had some pomegranate. Felt full.
9:00 pm: Had an apple. Not feeling bad at all!

Phew. So that does it with the food intake for today. I felt a little numb and weird all day long. But right now I'm feeling good. I think I can last this week!! Hoping for the best!

If you would like to try the diet out yourself, visit this website.

I hope I can make it through to the seven days!

Monday, 3 August, 2009

Free Resource

Free Resource -- The two most dreaded words a person could hear if that person works in my office.

Of course, I had to be the person who heard it.

What is a free resource?

A free resource is a person who sits around in office, staring at their computer screens with absolutely no work to do. The person is meant to hang around as a standby till the time he gets on to another project.

Fun, isn't it?

Not so much fun if you're sitting idle in office for the first three months of joining this office. Yes, that happened with me! After those first three months, I was put on to a project, where I stayed till Friday. For this week, I am a free resource.

I have absolutely NOTHING to do. And I don't know how to spend my time. Any ideas people? I can't be on facebook and twitter for 8.5x5 now, can I!! So please help me! Give me interesting sites I could visit! I have access to youtube too, so if there are any cool videos, post the links here (please make sure they are safe for viewing at work!)

I think I'll take a nap now. Yawn.