Thursday, 24 September, 2009

Two years...

Two years ago, on this very date, I had a dream. A dream to start a blog where I could connect with people, share my thoughts, and get to know the people's viewpoints. I initially started the blog in collaboration with my sister. The initial thought was to start something where we could review everything under the sun.

But things usually don't work out according to plan when it comes to me! Sister never attempted to write willingly, and I kept writing nonetheless. And it all grew from there.

Today, Out of Focus completes two years. Two amazing years where I've gone through so much. Here's a look back to some of my favorite Out of Focus picks for you to enjoy:

1. The boy (I am very proud of this 'story')
2. Noir (The first poem I wrote)
3. Dear: pin pale (Cute pen pal story)
4. Cookies (Stream of consciousness finds me!)
5. He's the Big Boss (Animals and Bigg Boss contestants collide!)
6. Dhruv (Cute boy, funny story)
7. I'm gonna be rich!!!!!!!!!!! (Seriously!)
8. The 'That Night' trilogy: I, II, III (First long story!)
9. Hala Mala Mukashi (My take on racism in Bollywood)
10. So Lickable! Plus an award! (My first blogging award!)

I have really enjoyed these two years. I want to give a big shout out to each and everyone of you for appreciating and enjoying my blog posts. It keeps me going! So cheers! Here's to you! :)



H said...

I'd actually recommend your "Hala Mala Mukashi" post to anyone who really needs a goo laugh!
Take Care and Keep Blogging! (:

Rashmi said...


Iggy said...

@ H and @ Rashmi: Thank you both :)

Ankita said...

Hi there :)
I just randomly came across your blog today. I wish I had found it two years ago. It's really adorable!